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When building something there comes a time in the development process when you actually want to build an enclosure around your invention. Maybe you just need to drill some holes, or cut something. There are tons of occasions when a rotary tool can come in handy. At first I investigated getting a Dremel—a brand which is at the very least synonymous with the term ‘rotary tool’. I decided not to buy a Dremel mainly because of their high noise level and the fact that opinions about their build quality are divided.

There’s a company called Proxxon in Germany which makes tools that a lot of people swear by. After reading lots of reviews, I was sold and decided to buy a Proxxon IBS/E because it’s a lot more silent, has a lower minimum RPM which is important when working with plastics, has a die-cast aluminium head—I want to encorporate it in a self-built CNC router—and Proxxon also offers a very sturdy drill stand for it (Proxxon MB200) among other accessories. I comes with a set of nice bits, drills and cutters in a good storage case.

I also added a Proxxon 110/P flexible shaft, a Proxxon UHZ universal holder, a Proxxon FMZ precision vise and a small Proxxon MS4 machine vise to my shopping basket.

Proxxon Tools

To be able to drill larger holes—the IBS/E comes only with some really tiny drill bits—I ordered a nice set of Proxxon HSS quality drill bits (1,5 – 2,0 – 2,5 – 3,0 – 3,5 – 4,0 mm).

Additionally, I also bought a cheap Blue Spot set of 216 bits and pieces but I don’t expect these bits to last a very long time.

Finally, don’t forget to use safety glasses when operating a rotary tool!

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